Visiting Jordan? I have tips for you!

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Last summer Ryanair announced their flights from Sofia to Aqaba. I quickly managed to organize a group of few friends for a trip (although I was a bit surprised how easy was to convince my friends to come with me, as Jordan isn’t the safest place on Earth). However this post is not about sharing my travel adventure in details, but rather for outlining some valuable advice for all folks that are planning to go there.

I will start with a quick overview of  my Jordan’s journey:

  • We got there by plane (flying from Sofia to Aqaba with RyanAir)
  • Spent 3 nights in total:
    • 1 night in Aqaba 
    • 1 night in a Beduin Camp in Wadi Rum
    • 1 night on Dead Sea
  • Used Rental car for transportation
  • These 3 days we enough for:
    • Walking around Aqaba
    • Snorkeling in Red Sea
    • Spending a night in Beduin Camp in Wadi Rum Desert 
    • Visiting Petra
    • Night walk in Aman
    • Sunbathing on Dead sea

As promised below are two valuable tips  for your trip:

1f4a1 Visiting Jordan? I have tips for you! If you are entering/leaving the Jordan through Aqaba airport – you do not need to pay for a visa! This is part of Jordan’s national strategy to develop Aqaba as touristic place.

1f4a1 Visiting Jordan? I have tips for you! If you are planning to visit many places in Jordan and you need a visa (for example when you enter the country from a city different than Aqaba) – I suggest buying Jordan Pass – it includes entries for all sightseeings in Jordan and  the visa tax is included!

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