Why Do I Start My Own Blog

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Traveling has always been my passion. This is my way to relax, explore the world and give new aspects of my thoughts.

During the last few years I’ve managed to visit many countries and cultures, met special and extraordinary people, gathered impressions on how diverse and alike the world is.

There are three main reasons to start this blog:


1.Sharing stories, impressions, tips – each trip is an adventure, no matter what the destination is. Even if you have only taken a single photo from your trip – that means something has impressed you, a memory was created. Sharing traveling experience could be a valuable tip for other travellers. In short – I’d like to contribute to the global travel community.


2.Sharing photos and videos – during my travel journeys, I have found another passion of mine – photography. I am not trying to get the perfect shots of a popular site, but I always try to find some small and authentic aspects of the places I visit and show them in the most colourful way. Therefore I intentionally don’t read professional photography articles and don’t use professional gear – an iPhone and a small Spark drone is all I use.


3.Sharing advices about places to visit in Sofia, Bulgaria – I feel pleasantly obliged to engage in promoting my country and home city. Besides that I don’t really like the “frames” of the touristic guides for Sofia – I see it is as great for city tourism, a place where everybody can enjoy a weekend or even more. So I’ll be posting some advices on how the explorers can make a good use of their time in lovely Sofia.

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